Stop writing code. Your startup will thank you.

A few more hundreds of lines of code will not save you. It is not the missing features that are turning your startup into a painful slog. The lines of code will not increase your sign up rate. The synchronization engine you're writing will not make the product easier to adopt. And, really, those extra lines will not make or break your project.

If anything, they are killing it.

Because the moment you decided that you are in the business of doing business, the focus changed and the universe's tolerance for the superficial suddenly popped down a notch.

You cache things in Redis or a .txt file - doesn't really matter now. You use React, Vue, or just plain JavaScript - your users still don't care. They probably have only heard of Java anyway.

This is not a call to stop caring about things or to work more haphazardly. No, this a call for you to figure out the very essence of what you are working on, and to execute on it by being ruthlessly practical.

I'll share a secret that you might have already discovered if you visited Calendar.Money's landing page on your iPhone: it is painfully broken on mobile. Why? Because between interviewing active users and the users who registered but then never came back, between working on the desktop site and testing different marketing channels, between all that - I just decided I cannot be bothered with it.

And you know what, if I crash and burn, the headlines will not read "Fintech startup closes its 'doors' because of an unoptimized landing page".

So, you know what I do instead? I only show my ads for desktops.

Good enough, for now.